Benefits and Perks

The Best travel nurses deserve exceptional support

Take your journey to new heights with the unparalleled benefits and perks that travel nursing has in store. We provide everything you need to ensure you’re fully covered, both on and off duty.

Day One Health Coverage

From day one, full-time contract employees receive Health, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance coverage. Our premium plans extend nationwide, ensuring comprehensive protection for our valued team members.

Travel Reimbursement

Don't let financial constraints hold you back from embracing a new adventure! We're here to assist with covering the costs, ensuring you can embark on your journey without worries.

$700 Loyalty Bonus

Your well-being is our utmost priority, and we want you to feel valued every step of the way! Join the TNI family and earn $700 for every 700 hours worked as a token of our dedication to you.

Onboarding Cost Coverage

We are fully committed to covering all your onboarding expenses, which include licensure fees, certification reimbursements, physical exams, and immunizations. Your smooth transition into our team is our priority.

Weekly Pay

Weekly Pay

Apart from providing competitive pay and top-notch insurance benefits, we offer weekly payday, every Friday, with the convenience of direct deposit. Additionally, W-2s will be made available at the end of the fiscal year for easy access and tax purposes.

First Time Traveler Incentive

Are you embarking on your first travel assignment? Welcome to a life brimming with thrilling adventures! To celebrate this exciting journey, we offer you a $100 scrub allotment upfront, along with a $500 completion bonus, ensuring your travel assignment is success!

CEU Reimbursement

Eager to bolster your resume and become eligible for a broader range of assignments? We offer up to $300 annual reimbursement for your Continuing Education Units (CEUs), helping you advance your skills and qualifications.

24/7 Clinical Support

Your dedication is round-the-clock, and so is ours! We understand that situations can arise at any moment, which is why we have a clinician available 24/7 to provide unwavering support for you. Rest assured, we're here to stand by your side whenever you need us.

Contract Transparency

When it comes to contract transparency, TNI leads the way. Our well-established practices ensure clarity and eliminate any confusion regarding pay packages. We prioritize meeting all your needs even before you embark on an assignment. With us, you can have complete confidence throughout your journey.

Refer a Friend

Your friends deserve the best treatment too! Refer them to us, and you can earn $500 per RN national traveler referral and $250 for non-RN referrals. You'll receive this bonus once they successfully complete 468 hours of work. Don't wait, start referring now and reap the rewards!

Do you have questions? Ask away!

Contract transparency is a significant concern for travel nurses, particularly when navigating unfamiliar hospital systems with complex pay packages and varying assignment rules. But fear not, TNI has you covered! We have several practices in place to prevent confusion about what’s expected before starting a contract. One essential step is conducting an Engagement Letter review with your recruiter before each assignment. This ensures clear communication and understanding, so you can embark on your contract with confidence and clarity.

To qualify for this opportunity, you must reside at least 100 miles away from the facility. Additionally, this assignment must be your first-ever travel nursing assignment, not limited to just our company. We look forward to welcoming you on your exciting journey!

Our payroll system will diligently monitor your hours, ensuring that for every 700 hours worked in a calendar year, you will be paid $700. It’s our way of recognizing your dedication and hard work throughout the year. Keep up the great work!

In our 700-hour loyalty program, all working hours, including PRN hours, count towards the total. However, orientation and on-call hours do not count towards the 700 hours. Rest assured, your efforts during your regular work hours will be credited towards the program, bringing you closer to the rewards!

Submit your information along with the contact details of qualified healthcare professionals to kickstart earning bonuses! Join now and seize this exciting opportunity!

Feel free to refer all your qualified friends and family! For each RN referral, you’ll earn $500, and for non-RN referrals, you’ll receive $250. Rest assured, you’ll be paid upon the successful completion of 468 hours worked by the referred individuals. Start referring now and enjoy the rewards!

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